Cause for the Cuse

Cause for the ‘Cuse is a back-to-school clothing and supplies drive to benefit the Syracuse City School District.

At Terakeet, we value the sense of community we’ve developed as an organization and we feel the closeness of a family. One thing communities and families do is come together to support each other, and at some point everyone here has received a level of support from their own families and others in the community. We believe it is our time to return the favor and give back!

Cause Delivery 2Our community is only as strong as the support we offer each other. With the majority of Terakeet’s team hailing from the Syracuse area, we have a vested interest in nurturing the same roots we share with others and we want to ensure students have the resources necessary to develop their own paths to success.

Throughout the end of 2013, Terakeet collected clothing and school supplies to distribute to participating schools in the Syracuse City School District. Together, we raised over $7,500 worth of schools supplies and clothing that were distributed to the schools in December! We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to our cause and recognize a few donors:

  • Bell Group Real Estate
  • Corcoran PTSO
  • EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.
  • Koerner Ford
  • Lend Lease
  • Lisa Limited Interior Decoration
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Northland Communications
  • New York Optometric
  • Pinnacle Investment
  • QPK Design

We look forward to Cause for the ‘Cuse 2014, check back for more details soon!

For any additional questions contact us at