Alyse Bradley

Account Executive

What should brands be doing more of online?
They should be more aware of how they can use social media applications to
enhance and publicize the great things they are already doing as a company. Using creative, unique multimedia to enhance written context is something that needs to be a priority for companies. 

What’s your favorite website for a good laugh?  Any Youtube video of funny animals will have me
in tears most of the time! Also, 

Describe an aspect of Terakeet extracurricular culture that embodies one of our company core values.
The fact that most, if not all, employees at Terakeet either start or at least
participate in a number of extracurricular activities – sports, volunteering,
 company-sponsored events, etc. really shows the Entrepreneurial spirit that          Terakeet as a company values and upholds.

What seemed odd about Terakeet on your first day?
The fact that literally everyone got along with one another – there were no
cliques of people. And every person there greeted me personally – I was asked if I     wanted coffee by at least 5 people within the first 30 minutes of being there!

What’s your favorite Terakeet tradition, past or present?
Strat Jams and Fat-Girl/Fit-Girl Fridays! And our potluck lunches around the holidays! 

What’s on your guilty pleasure iTunes playlist?
80’s music – specifically Rock and Ballads. I can’t help but turn them up and
sing along to them every time they come on!

Finish the sentence;
The most important thing we can do for our clients as web marketers is….
to ensure that we are reaching the right kind of audiences, with the right content/messaging, through the right kinds of channels.

Describe the Terakeet culture in 1-3 words or a creative haiku
Energetic. Creative. Inspirational.

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