Carol Barry

Senior Brand Strategist - SEO

What should brands be doing more of online?
Reaching out, exploring and tapping into every member, niche, and social media outlet that relates within the given community.

What's your favorite website for a good laugh?
I love going to the “” website and watching the live animal cams of the polar bears and pandas. They are always on my second monitor and makes me feel better having my “friends” throughout the work day with me; I’ve gotten a few people into caring about them (not to mention any names; Kristen, Juli, Jenna and Kit).

What seemed odd about Terakeet on your first day?
How creepily attractive everyone was; I was asked walking into the office my first week if this company was a modeling agency from a construction worker outside.

What's your favorite Terakeet tradition, past or present?
I love going to Mac’s (our CEO’s) house for the fourth of July. It is great time to bond with coworkers outside of the office in a more relaxed setting and what is better than an ice cream truck, sunning on Skaneateles Lake, beers and boats and being an American. 

What's on your guilty pleasure iTunes playlist?
That is a straight toss-up between Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” and Hanson’s “MMBop”.

Finish the sentence;
The most important thing we can do for our clients as web marketers is...
...Build a web presence by getting the right people, talking about the right things in the right places on and offline.

Describe the Terakeet culture in 1-3 words or a creative haiku

Where does the name of the company come from?
I like to think that it reminds me of a robotic, irritating bird; if a computer and a parakeet had a child “Terakeet” would be born. I know that “tera” refers to an aggressive unit of measurement in computer terms and a parakeet is this chirping, relentless creature that regurgitates information.  So in short, I think of a flying bird traveling the Internet at ridiculous speed, spreading information at the highest volume and sticks in people’s head.

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