Daniel Hurley

Director of Search Strategy

As a native of the Syracuse area, Dan joined the Terakeet team in October of 2007 after completing his bachelors degree in English and Political Science at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Initially brought aboard to enhance the quality of Terakeet’s web content efforts, Dan quickly grasped the company’s process and methodology, and over time cultivated a firm understanding of search algorithms and patents, on-page optimization, strategic planning, and web content best practices.

Drawing on his experiences and contributions to some of Terakeet’s largest accounts, Dan has a developed a deep sense of the company’s unique and forward-thinking philosophy to best servicing our clients. Through frequent collaboration with marketing campaign teams, Dan ensures that all efforts align with industry best practices, while encouraging the intellectual growth of new ideas and methods among all Terakeet employees.  Dan also serves to grow and articulate Terakeet’s progressive approach and process to current and future clients, as well as the public.

Dan brings a diverse skill set to Terakeet rooted in his many life experiences. He claims to have to put at least a big toe into each of the world’s major oceans, has traveled throughout the continents of Africa, Australia, North America, and Europe, and is said to have actually read War and Peace from cover to cover. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, reading, writing, running and the annual ups and downs of the Boston Red Sox.

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