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Elizabeth McCall

Elizabeth McCall

Brand Strategy Supervisor

Elizabeth McCall’s Posts //

Insights // December 18, 2014
Elizabeth McCall

Leveraging Seasonality to Your Advantage

What is Seasonality? In the world of search, understanding what keywords people are searching, as well as when they are searching for them, is crucial to developing a digital marketing strategy. We refer to the pattern of these fluctuations to search volume over time as “seasonality.” To identify these trends, it’s important to study and… Read More »

Insights // April 17, 2014
Elizabeth McCall

Beyond the Rankings: SEO and Real World Visibility

In the world of SEO, sustainability is key. As a company, you want to not only gain visibility in Google, but also maintain your standing among the competitive digital landscape. While on-page factors such as site structure, load times, title tags and other technical details are essential to effective SEO, off-page efforts are equally important… Read More »