Erik Braunitzer

Technical SEO Analyst

With a background in information technology and philosophy from LeMoyne College and years of hands-on experience in search engine marketing, Erik is an integral part of the SEO and Web Strategy Team at Terakeet.  He has taken on a diverse range of client campaigns and successfully tailored organic marketing strategies for each. Erik’s specializations include creative writing, off-page campaign strategy development, research on industry-specific trends and events, on-page optimization, and reputation management.

Above all, Erik has coupled comprehension of current and on-going client initiatives with emerging search-marketing principles. He’s been effective in engineering creative partnerships with some of the web’s most authoritative entities and has acquired a firm grasp of content relevance and how it relates to web authority. His commitment to sustainable personal value parallels a core company value, and his ability to lead by example while empowering other team members has earned him a level of respect among his peers.

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