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Jack Mannion

Jack Mannion

Brand Strategy Director

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Insights // May 29, 2014
Jack Mannion

Talking Back: An Experiment in Consumer Engagement

Today’s marketers have unparalleled access to the general consumer. Between social media channels and email marketing, even Don Draper would be green with envy over the endless avenues companies possess today to reach their target audiences. Now more than ever, there is real opportunity for brands to connect with potential customers. This access can be… Read More »

Insights // November 12, 2013
Jack Mannion

Trust: Vital to Any Relationship, Even Online

No, this post isn’t about or (Although, their servers would crash if I signed up). Human beings are inherently affected by the relationships we have with those around us. Whether these are with friends, family, or significant others, relationships play a vital role in our lives. The same can be said about a… Read More »