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Jacqueline Samoraj

Jacqueline Samoraj

Senior Brand Strategist

Jacqueline Samoraj’s Posts //

Inside Terakeet // October 28, 2015
Jacqueline Samoraj

Employee Spotlight: Christine Stoddard

Christine “Stodds” Stoddard is probably best known for the energy she brings to every situation. As her roommate, colleague and friend, I have the honor of being around her, well, 24/7. Whether we are talking about last night’s episode of Gotham or our dinner plans, her enthusiasm for anything and everything is contagious. Christine is… Read More »

Insights // December 20, 2013
Jacqueline Samoraj

Balancing Your Budget… Literally

  It is now December 20th, which means you’re almost done with the shopping hysteria that is the holiday season. Congratulations guys, you have survived. If there are still some items that aren’t crossed off your gift-giving list, you are in luck! You are about to read some of the best kept secrets to staying… Read More »