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We're experienced marketing professionals, but more than that we’re real people, connecting brands and businesses on a personal level with innovative solutions to identify, engage and mobilize their key audiences on the web.

John McDermott

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Insights // August 2, 2013
John McDermott

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself: Don’t Fall Asleep on the Competition

  Growing up, just like millions of other kids, I dreamed of being a professional athlete. As the years went by, the harsh reality of the low probability of that dream coming true began to dawn on me. But just because we can’t all play for the New York Yankees, or suit up for the… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013
John McDermott

Google is a Cruel, Cruel Mistress

We spend some of our days at Terakeet attempting to understand the conundrum that is Google, but given that Google has our organization outnumbered (roughly) 2,700 to 0 with reagrds to Ph.Ds on the payroll, most of the time we just try to emulate real human marketing instincts.  The small idiosyncrasies that cause websites to… Read More »