Joseph Torrillo

Director of Reputation Management

Joseph joined Terakeet in the fall of 2008. Beyond his technical and social savvy, his pursuit of perfection and obsessive attention to detail immediately impacted his ability to contribute to the team.

Embracing Terakeet's entrepreneurial spirit, Joseph accelerated in developing and executing first-to-market campaign strategies for Terakeet's original lineup of online reputation management (ORM) clients. The ongoing success of that endeavor ultimately led to the birth, and future growth, of the ORM division of Terakeet where Joseph currently serves as Director.  Joseph published the first iteration of ORM framework based on research, tested methods and proven success - detailing the division’s complete product/service offering in addition to outlining the internal process for execution.

Joseph commits to building sustainable relationships with clients by earning trust through transparency, accessibility and personalized, dedicated, rapid response - often leveraging a 24-hour workday to handle strategic communication that ensures each moving part of an ORM design works in concert with one another to achieve a stated objective.

Joseph's favorite part of Terakeet is working aside a team of like-minded young professionals.  He is known among his peers as a socialite, sometimes referred to as the “Mayor”, in addition to his obsession with Excel and tendency to provide a formula or other fix to add a splash of color to the mundane task of data entry.   He is a trusted confidant while also playing the role of office handyman.  Outside of work, Joseph is highly active in recreational sports, jumps at the opportunity to organize group events, dabbles on the piano, and frequently takes on DIY projects.

Joseph received collegiate education from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) comprised of M.S. credits in Science Technology Society [STS] & Public Policy with a track in alternative energy research, a B.S. degree in Public Policy and minors in both Mechanical Engineering and Sociology.

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