Kay Cotton

Account Director

What should brands be doing more of online?
Social Media is key. Being human and connecting with communities on that level is more important than ever.

Describe an aspect of Terakeet extracurricular culture that embodies one of our company core values.
Rapid Response - even last minute this crew can put together one serious happy hour.

What's your favorite Terakeet tradition, past or present?
Early Friday morning Provisions breakfast meetings

What's on your guilty pleasure iTunes playlist?
Nothing cures a bad day like the Nelly Pandora Station.

Finish the sentence;
The most important thing we can do for our clients as web marketers is....
Stay on top or ahead of industry trends and best practices.  Always be one step above the competition.

Describe the Terakeet culture in 1-3 words or a creative haiku
work hard, play hard

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Mathew Fox

Brand Strategist - SEO