Matthew Raven

Director of Advocacy Strategies

1.) What should brands be doing more of online?

Connecting themselves with influencers in their targeted constituencies.

2.) What’s your favorite website for a good laugh?

The Onion, or any of Doug Gottlieb’s published opinions on college basketball.

3.) Describe an aspect of Terakeet extracurricular culture that embodies one of our company core values.

Invention and foosball matchups go hand in hand. You don’t continue to re-invent your game; you spend more time on the sidelines watching those who do–plain and simple.

4.) What seemed odd about Terakeet on your first day?

I found myself communicating with co-workers that were 3 feet away from me via AOL Instant Messenger.

5.) What’s your favorite Terakeet tradition, past or present?

I’m going to go way back for this one and say annual wiffleball games on the sands of Dewey Beach. The games embodied many of the things we pride ourselves on—teamwork, competitive edge, and hard work.

6.) What’s on your guilty pleasure iTunes playlist?

Wow, I have entire playlists of guilty pleasures. I guess if I had to choose the guiltiest of all I would say Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” – absolute gem.

7.) Finish the sentence;

The most important thing we can do for our clients as web marketers is……..Utilize our earned visibility platform to deliver qualified traffic, authority, and value to their brand; ultimately impacting their bottom line.

8.) Describe the Terakeet culture in 1-3 words or a creative haiku

Guerilla Entrepreneurship

9.) Where does the name of the company come from?

That’s easy–from the Manly Name Generator. Don’t ask, just Google it.

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