Meghan Milewski

Senior Content Coordinator

What should brands be doing more of online?
Social, social, social. It’s the easiest way to connect with your audience. If your brand doesn’t already have an active Facebook page, there’s a chance I’m not taking you seriously as a consumer.

What’s your favorite website for a good laugh?
Samantha Irby’s blog “Bitches Gotta Eat”, Barstool Sports, and #whatshouldwecallme Tumblr– GIFs are always funny.

Describe an aspect of Terakeet extracurricular culture that embodies one of our company core values.
Our company really embodies Rapid Response by being quick to use any event or holiday as a time for us to get together outside of the office for fun or convince Mac & Pat that we should cut out of the office early on beautiful summer days.

What seemed odd about Terakeet on your first day?
My first day at Terakeet was spent skeet shooting & fishing after an exciting leadership retreat. Not many office workers get to spend their first day at work with a gun and fishing pole in their hand in one afternoon.  

What’s your favorite Terakeet tradition, past or present?
Packing the company suite at the Syracuse Dome full of co-workers, family & friends for Syracuse University football games continues to be my favorite Terakeet tradition.

What’s on your guilty pleasure iTunes playlist?
I think I am the only person left standing who doesn’t use iTunes– Zune all the way! With that, my guilty music pleasure is Taylor Swift– what song isn’t catchy?!

Finish the sentence;
The most important thing we can do for our clients as web marketers is…
…build a strong online community around our clients’ offerings by finding the right audience to start the right conversations about the right messages.

Describe the Terakeet culture in 1-3 words or a creative haiku
Building online communities
Strategy in Syracuse

Where does the name of the company come from?
Terakeet started with Mac Cummings, a sales-wiz droid, and his partner Pat Danial, a software engineering robot. Both future beings hailed from the technologically-focused planet called Terabyte. Together, they traveled through many galaxies on bird-like ships called Parakeets to land disguised in the post-2012-apocalyptic Earth. There, they decided to entertain themselves in the simple times of “Web 2.0″. In a little city known as Syracuse, Mac & Pat brought their superior knowledge from the future to form Terakeet, a tribute to their home planet, & began shaking up the game of SEO & far surpassing their competitors. Today, Mac can still be heard on his iPhone speaking in strange dialogue to his colleagues “around the globe”, while Pat can be found in his office glued to his computer– rumored to be recharging his robot mind.

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