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Ron Cierniakoski

Ron Cierniakoski

Web Analytics Supervisor

Ron Cierniakoski’s Posts //

Insights // May 15, 2015
Ron Cierniakoski

A Review of Google’s New Search Analytics Report in Webmaster Tools

Last week, I wrote a post briefly discussing some big changes made to the new Search Analytics report within Google Webmaster Tools (WMT). Now that I’ve had some time to sit down and check it out, I’m already appreciating many of the updates Google made. This post touches on some of the updates I like… Read More »

Insights // May 7, 2015
Ron Cierniakoski

Google Adds Search Analytics Report to Webmaster Tools

In what amounts to an open beta, Google has finally released its Search Analytics report in Webmaster Tools (WMT). (If you aren’t using WMT to measure your site’s visibility, you should start!) The update went live yesterday morning (May 6th) and looks like an attempt to fix many of the frustrating aspects of the old… Read More »

Insights // May 20, 2014
Ron Cierniakoski

In Defense of Webmaster Tools

  After previous criticisms, Google’s January updates substantially increased the accuracy of information provided in Webmaster Tools. With its corresponding rise in popularity due to Analytics keyword data being replaced by “(not provided),” how do we assess the validity of Webmaster Tools data? Is it a valuable resource to track keyword metrics for organic search… Read More »