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Ryan Garver

Ryan Garver

SVP of Engineering

Bio //

As the lead architect for Terakeet’s custom technology projects, Ryan enables Terakeet’s entrepreneurial clients to incorporate the latest emerging technologies into their business ideas.

The creativity of these ideas has led Ryan to deliver solutions that cover a broad range of technologies including: speech recognition, retail RFID, behavioral content tailoring, machine learning, modern encryption, and even airport radar diagnostics.  He enjoys designing systems for all company sizes and project scales.  The development teams he has led have varied from a small group of programmers following an agile process to a multi-company consortium of industry-leading tech firms.  The deployments of these projects are just as diverse: from embedded systems to touch screen kiosks to smart phone apps to multi-server web architectures.

In addition to designing and developing these technology systems, Ryan serves to help Terakeet’s clients in other capacities:  he has advised clients on how to plan for future movements in technology, participated in their sales process by meeting with customers, advised on hiring strategies for technical staff, and made media and PR appearances on their behalf.

Born in Rochester, New York, Ryan graduated from Cornell University in 2004 and holds a B.S. in computer science.  His hobbies include skiing, videogame development, and travel: he has visited 14 countries and more than 30 states.