Shannon Welch

Director of Client Engagement

Shannon joined Terakeet in May of 2009 after completing her bachelor’s degree in communications and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University. Joining one of Terakeet’s larger accounts in an SEO campaign coordinator capacity, Shannon quickly demonstrated a strong desire to learn more about web traffic patterns and analytics. She immediately began providing a new level of data-driven analysis and reporting for Terakeet to better provide our clients transparency into their web traffic.

Understanding that web traffic alone is not a means to an end for our customers, Shannon helps to identify and segment keyword and conversion-specific traffic and track progress over time, providing detailed reporting and analysis of trends and patterns. Shannon collaborates directly with the search strategy and operations divisions to ensure that all Terakeet client teams are executing an SEO strategy that aligns with the traffic and conversion philosophy of our customers. As is the goal of all Terakeet web analytics efforts, Shannon and her team provide a unique level of actionable visibility into all client traffic.

Ever thoughtful of the dynamic nature of web analytics, Shannon has been a regular attendee at industry conferences, including the 2010 Advanced Semphonic Xchange in Monterey, California. Her specializations include advanced keyword and traffic analysis via Google Analytics, Omniture, and other software-specific analytics platforms. When not engrossed in web traffic patterns, Shannon is a voracious reader, retired figure skater, advanced yoga practitioner and green tea fanatic.

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