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Inside Terakeet // January 28, 2015
Julie Barriere

Employee Spotlight: Jessa Toth

As a child, Jessa Toth used a small, purple digital camera to take pictures of her three beloved cats. As she grew, so did her passion and talent for photography — so much so that her work was showcased at a local art show. Now, you can find Jessa as one of our talented Brand… Read More »

Featured Post // January 22, 2015
Carley Parsons

Top 5 Outreach Email Tips for Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy

While many businesses are planning on upping their social media and mobile budgets in 2015, email remains one of the most effective ways of connecting your company with its audience and potential customers. So, in a time when people are busier than ever, how do you begin to write an outreach email that will get… Read More »

Insights // January 13, 2015
Carley Parsons

Discovering That Million-Dollar Idea: Tips to Brainstorm Better

It’s a new year and new ideas are in high demand. Maybe the annual awareness campaign needs a refresh; your CEO wants an exceptional Valentine’s Day social engagement strategy; it’s on you to increase site traffic 80% by June. But where do you start? Enter the brainstorm session. Some argue that brainstorming is a useless,… Read More »

Insights // January 9, 2015
Corey Mallonee

Slaying the Content Dragon: Making Long-Form Content Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

How long should it be? If you’ve ever written anything for someone else–a school essay, an article, a blog post–chances are you’ve probably asked that question. Sometimes the answer’s straightforward: five to seven pages, 600 words, up to 140 characters. But if you’ve written very often, you’ve probably also been told: As long as it… Read More »

Insights // January 6, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: December 2014

Welcome to the last Terakeet Digital Marketing News Recap of 2014! This is our monthly roundup of the latest thoughts and trends from the world of online marketing. Each month we’ll deliver key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy over the constantly evolving digital landscape. Digital Marketing Strategy As we… Read More »

Insights // December 29, 2014
Curtis Weyant

How Benjamin De Casseres Built Authority 100 Years Ago: A Case Study for Modern Marketers

One of my areas of academic interest is intellectual history – that is, the history of how ideas develop, change, and influence new ideas. As a grad student studying language and literature, I’m particularly interested in how the words we use and the texts we read facilitate conversations that last over generations. As it turns… Read More »

Insights // December 18, 2014
Elizabeth McCall

Leveraging Seasonality to Your Advantage

What is Seasonality? In the world of search, understanding what keywords people are searching, as well as when they are searching for them, is crucial to developing a digital marketing strategy. We refer to the pattern of these fluctuations to search volume over time as “seasonality.” To identify these trends, it’s important to study and… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // December 17, 2014
Bridget Stack

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Graham

Most weekday mornings, you can find Kevin Graham wearing a button-down shirt while sipping coffee out of a Batman mug. There are more similarities between the sharply-dressed Brand Strategist and Bruce Wayne than meets the eye. Kevin, too, has an alter ego. Kevin “The Man” Graham is a champion in both individual and tag team… Read More »