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Terakeet’s Own Cause for the ‘Cuse

Inside Terakeet // July 24, 2013

Yesterday, Terakeet announced our latest personal project. Born from an idea generated inside our conference room, the Community Engagement Task Force created “Cause for the ‘Cuse” as a means by which we could give back to a community that so many of us grew up in.

As Brent mentioned in a previous post about our ‘sixth’ core value, Terakeet employees, like many others in the community, take part in a variety of charitable events throughout the year. However, developing Cause for the ‘Cuse from the ground up has provided unique perspective and meaning to everyone here.

A back-to-school clothing and supply drive to benefit the Syracuse City School District, Cause for the ‘Cuse is a byproduct of many conversations with several people at the school district who all indicated there was a need for this type of support.  Specific needs were then identified and assessed, ranging from pens, pencils, and binders to socks for students in kindergarten through high school. The range of items needed, while vast, provides opportunity for everyone to get involved in some way. Whether it’s donating a three-ring binder or jeans for an entire classroom, every little bit can help support the larger vision, which is to ensure students have more of the tools and supplies they need to pave a path to success.

Now we must utilize our ability to create relationships, both offline and online, to get surrounding businesses and community members involved, and fill immediate needs throughout the district.

Growing a business is great, but growing a community can be even greater and we couldn’t be more eager to start this endeavor. Our community is only as strong as how much our members give back!

For more information on how to contribute, check out our Cause for the ‘Cuse page and FAQ’s sheet, or email us at