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Insights // November 17, 2015
Carley Parsons

Google Isn’t Your Customer: Engagement Marketing Aids Remembrance, Not Just Awareness

One of the most important goals of digital marketing is generating brand awareness. The online landscape is intimidating; it’s full to the brim (if it even has a brim) of content created by companies fighting to build an audience—to just get noticed by someone, or shared or liked. What For? Before we get into how… Read More »

Insights // November 12, 2015
Ryan Frantzis

The Powerful Impact of Marrying Permission and Disruptive Marketing

There are, generally speaking, three types of marketing strategies: permission marketing, disruption marketing, and interruption marketing. All too often people will overlook the differences between disruptive and interruptive marketing strategies. They belong in the same family, but interruption marketing is the oldest brother, born way before his other siblings and prone to rebellion. Introducing the… Read More »

Insights // November 10, 2015
Matt Read

The Key to Brand and Shopper Nirvana

Trusted Information Comes From People You Know The entire science (or field or art or whatever term we’re using to describe the industry today) of marketing and advertising was created to replicate one thing: word of mouth, or getting advice from a friend, mentor or someone else you deem to be relevant and trustworthy. Now,… Read More »

Insights // November 4, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing Recap: October 2015

As we head into November, let’s take a look back on some of last month’s most interesting articles from the world of engagement marketing. Our October recap delivers key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy and navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. Digital Marketing News Finding the right influencers and… Read More »

Insights // October 30, 2015
Joseph Torrillo

Why Your Brand Should Pay Closer Attention to The World Series Power Outage

The power outage that occurred during Game 1 of the MLB World Series between the Mets and Royals has been well documented over the last 36 hours.  While most of the reports discuss why the Fox Sports broadcast was interrupted, they fail to discuss its impact beyond the fact that television viewers missed an at-bat,… Read More »

Insights // October 29, 2015
Jonas Sickler

Why Brands Should Focus on Fans, Not Followers

The Social Colosseum When new brands first enter the social media arena, they can quickly feel the pressure to stockpile as many followers as possible. With juggernauts like Coca Cola boasting 90 million Facebook followers, and McDonalds and Red Bull each drawing well over 45 million followers, it’s easy to see why emerging brands think… Read More »

Insights // October 20, 2015
Curtis Weyant

3 Ways to Improve Site Security, Usability & Searchability

When designing a website, there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Some of the most important considerations are: Security – Protecting data and systems from malicious visitors Usability – Making sure users can easily access site features Searchability – Making sure automated crawlers like Google can navigate and “read” the site Well-crafted websites will effectively… Read More »

Insights // October 7, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: September 2015

Fall has officially arrived and with it plenty of chatter around influencer marketing. It’s again time to take a look at some of the best articles we’ve found over the past month. Our September recap delivers key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy and navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape.… Read More »