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Insights // March 17, 2015
Carolyn Jannetti

Be a Story Teller: Engage your Customer with Content Marketing

As marketing guru Seth Godin puts it, the TV-Industrial complex (mass-marketing) is long dead. What is valuable now is not shouting at people with your concepts and products. Companies must influence and engage customers by showing them something useful in a unique way. If what you are creating is thoughtful and unlike anything else out… Read More »

Insights // March 5, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: February 2015

The February edition of the Terakeet Digital Marketing News Recap is here! We survived the coldest month on record here in Syracuse, NY and we’re ready to connect you with the latest thoughts and trends from the world of online marketing (we’re also ready for spring). Each month our recap delivers key news and insights… Read More »

Featured Post // February 26, 2015
Juliana Moore

Anatomy of a Natural Mention: The Benefits of Earned Media in Digital Marketing

Think about politics: the more people singing your praises, the better candidate you’re perceived to be. The politician who spends big on TV commercials and other impersonal advertisements without taking the time to campaign in a grassroots fashion often loses to the one who takes the time to build genuine relationships with voters. Well, it’s… Read More »

Featured Post // February 19, 2015
Jack Mannion

5 Easy Ways to Offer Value in Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns

You’ve crafted the million-dollar idea, and coined the catchy name for it. You’ve built a website, and have begun developing your social media profiles. So what’s next in the process? Branding, otherwise known as 2015’s biggest buzzword. For your company to be successful, you have to distinguish yourself from others within your industry; you do… Read More »

Insights // February 4, 2015
Patrick Lane

Digital Marketing News Recap: January 2015

This is the first Terakeet Digital Marketing News Recap of 2015! Welcome to our monthly roundup of the latest thoughts and trends from the world of online marketing. Each month we’ll deliver key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy over the constantly evolving digital landscape. Digital Marketing Strategy We’re now… Read More »

Insights // January 29, 2015
Curtis Weyant

Why You Must Optimize Your Website for Mobile in 2015

Given the explosive increase in smartphones over the last few years, offering a decent experience for customers and other users on mobile devices has become a necessity. However, the MarketLive Inc. Performance Index for Q4 2014 recently indicated that although mobile traffic and sales are up, there’s still a relatively high bounce rate for mobile… Read More »

Featured Post // January 22, 2015
Carley Parsons

Top 5 Outreach Email Tips for Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy

While many businesses are planning on upping their social media and mobile budgets in 2015, email remains one of the most effective ways of connecting your company with its audience and potential customers. So, in a time when people are busier than ever, how do you begin to write an outreach email that will get… Read More »

Insights // January 13, 2015
Carley Parsons

Discovering That Million-Dollar Idea: Tips to Brainstorm Better

It’s a new year and new ideas are in high demand. Maybe the annual awareness campaign needs a refresh; your CEO wants an exceptional Valentine’s Day social engagement strategy; it’s on you to increase site traffic 80% by June. But where do you start? Enter the brainstorm session. Some argue that brainstorming is a useless,… Read More »