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Leadership Is a Verb

Featured Post // September 19, 2014

In an environment that offers continuous learning, as well as the occasional lunchtime game of Mario Kart, all employees at Terakeet are eligible to apply for a different course of learning and development outside the office. Two times per year, Ahern Murphy and Associates offers a leadership seminar that a few team members are able to attend to help them develop the tools and skills needed to become a successful leader. Along with practical skills like time management and goal setting, attendees leave the seminar with a better understanding of what it means to lead, and learn to alter their actions and behaviors to present themselves as leaders, rather than just call themselves one.

While only a select few employees are chosen to attend the seminar each time it’s offered, everyone at Terakeet shows leadership every day, and everyone strives for continual growth, both personally and professionally.

In their day-to-day, Terakeet provides its employees with essential tools and an environment conducive to becoming a successful leader. TerakeetU, a series of employee education courses, kicked off recently with additional leadership classes from Ahern Murphy and Associates, which employees in supervisory roles were able to attend. Future TerakeetU courses, which will help employees across the company hone their skills in various areas and continue to grow professionally, are in development.

With so many young professionals pushing and supporting each other to further their careers and grow into leadership roles in a rapidly growing company, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to make their own path and carve out a niche. Two of our core values, Invention and Entrepreneurship, specifically encourage this, and there have been numerous Terakeet employees who have followed this principle, identifying a need and successfully creating positions for themselves that hadn’t existed before.

Together, we strive to apply leadership principles on a daily basis. The goal of opening an on-site training facility and the accompanying TerakeetU initiative, team-building events like Terakeet Field Days, and Friday circle-ups that feature activities like improv comedy and interfloor push-up contests alongside shoutouts and operational announcements, are just a few examples of how we are currently encouraging continuous learning and nurturing leadership. Offering an environment in which employees are not just encouraged to continue learning and challenge themselves, but have the intrinsic desire to do so, demonstrates that we have an office full of potential leaders.

Leadership is a verb and it doesn’t “stop” when you leave the office. Being a leader means having the courage to take these tools and continue pushing yourself to grow, translating “leadership” principles from the office to your home and your community.

Collectively, we strive to act as leaders every day. The growth of the entire company, as well as individual departments like the Content, Advocacy, and technical teams, are a direct result of our values and the goals we set for ourselves. Together, these priorities, goals, and values are transforming Terakeet into the success it has become and will continue to be.