Content Marketing


“When life gives you lemons…”

There’s no such thing as a sustainable web visibility campaign that doesn’t have high performance content at its core. We’ll help you turn your lemons into lemonade and put your stand on the map.

Perhaps more than ever before, it is fundamentally important for brands and businesses to become publishers of innovative, elegant, and unique content offerings for them to gain any traction in their total web visibility. Terakeet works with our clients in all aspects of the content process, from strategy to performance assessment. We offer bottom-up production, publishing, and distribution plans for all web media to ensure your brand and web entities stand to gain maximum value from the content you’re publishing.

Terakeet believes that all content has a human consumer on the web, and works closely with our clients to understand the goals of the content you’re publishing before identifying and segmenting a human audience for your content. We understand that different groups and audiences consume content from different mediums. Terakeet works to create a content strategy for our clients with a voice and distribution medium best suited for their desired audience.

Terakeet believes the only way to build upon the value of a successful piece of content is to understand how to repeat the process. The best content strategies are tested, documented, and iterated. We help our clients understand the different types of value they stand to gain from content visibility and create a performance assessment based on the desired outcomes established within the content strategy.

We monitor all aspects of a content strategy, from planning and production through publication, to ensure they align with the goals established at the outset. Web syndication, social sharing/mentions, referential citations, and backlink curation are all monitored against the performance indicators of the campaign.