Digital Dialogue Development and Management


If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around…

Brands and companies, big and small, need to realize where their core constituency and consumers connect with one another so they can best understand and service them. Terakeet helps our clients by indicating where the conversations are taking place that matter to them, and by initiating them where they may be lacking.

Terakeet believes that people rely on one another to affirm or validate the decisions they make and that the web provides a powerful medium for connecting with others. In a complex web ecosystem of social media, blogging communities, consumer forums, and other digital dialogue platforms, judgements are assessed, indictments are made, conversion opportunities are missed, and revenue is never realized. We ensure that our clients have a seat at the table when big decisions are made that affect your bottom line.

We seed and monitor the digital discourse around the topics that matter to you to ensure you’re around to hear the tree fall in the woods. Where there is opportunity, we help those audiences reach your products and content. Where there is discontent, we help our clients reach those audiences and repair that relationship through those channels. Where there is confusion, we help bring clarity to our client’s positions.