Social Community Identification and Integration


Terakeet understands that calls to action are executed and content is consumed not in a mirrored digital paradigm of the real world, but within real human interactions, engagement, and conversations. It’s imperative to understand where that engagement among your audience is occurring. More than ever before, this type of activity is cultivated, engineered, and driven through social communities.

Connecting brands to all layers of their audience is not only important, it’s a necessity to an integrative digital marketing strategy. Many agencies will tell their customers how they “need” to be represented on social media, but offer little more than consultations on establishing account presence across different social platforms. Terakeet focuses on the growth and curation of communities that serve as brand advocates, and those that can be mobilized as evangelists for brand messaging and content.

Effective social integration into greater marketing goals demands both empathy and understanding of brand communities and constituencies. Terakeet has a proven track record of injecting brands into the social communities where their business interacts online. Further, we’ve been effective in establishing social representation around brands and businesses that share a common mission or message, but may not yet have a social presence.

Failure to incorporate appropriate social community engagement represents more of a liability than an opportunity. Rather than propose social strategies as blank opportunities, Terakeet believes it’s important to highlight that conversations and engagement are ongoing whether or not brands choose to participate. Will your brand have a seat at the table to represent themselves?  We’ll help you maximize your participation.