Persuasion and Advocacy


A lot of bad ideas started with the words, “There ‘oughtta be a law…”

There was a time when the public’s capacity for expressing their views and opinions was limited to the opinion column in a local newspaper and spouting off on a street corner. Today, the modern web connects individuals with not only the platform for expressing their opinions, concerns, and feelings, but also an audience with malleable perceptions, including those around important public issues. Stakeholders in these issues understand that perceptions ultimately shape the way decisions are made by the public and lawmakers.

Terakeet helps businesses, brands, and individuals access those audiences and influencers who shape the way perceptions become common practice and policy. Terakeet evaluates the full spectrum of stakeholders that surround a public debate and creates a strategic roadmap of partnerships with bloggers, journalists, social media heavyweights, other digital influencers to ensure your content and message reach the appropriate audiences through the right channels.

Terakeet works with stakeholders to develop web properties that are capable of handling a variety of traffic sources. We ensure your message is conveyed and represented fairly, so that you’re able to confidently garner search traffic and visibility around the terms that matter to you. We also enable our clients the ability to respond quickly to the changing course of public opinions by providing an outlet through which to channel your news and press, and to serve as a landing portal for rapid social media response.