Reputation Management


In the age of the modern web, your digital footprint is expanding constantly. Perceptions, judgements, and even character assessments are determined by what your digital portfolio consists of in search engines, social media, and web discussions.  It is important for businesses and individuals to understand the full scope of their digital representation so that they can ensure they’re showing the world their best foot forward through the appropriate channels.

Organic Search

Search engines rank web documents for the names of brands and individuals much in the way they do other queries. Authority assessments made when ranking these documents, based on the publication and domain, can elevate misrepresentations beyond even your best content. Terakeet offers a two-fold approach, ensuring that the content you manage is well formatted for search engine performance, and creating authority channels to power your most important external content.

Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies fit seamlessly within any comprehensive reputation management campaign as they offer a platform for extensive user-generated content, and further facilitate a dialogue among users. Terakeet ensures brands and individuals are represented through social media on their own terms, providing content strategies, community development campaigns and other services.

Content Strategies

It is often said that the cream rises to the top. Unfortunately, when it comes to reputation management around a brand or individual, there is often a lack of great content for web users to find. What’s left is often spoiled milk by the time search engine or social media users find it. Terakeet ensures that you’re armed with the best, and most current, possible content for organic search and social media referrals.