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Monthly Archive for January 2013

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013
Joseph Torrillo

“That Google Thing”

Like most people, I get asked repeatedly, “What do you do?” by cousins, aunts and uncles.  For me, it’s usually the question that gets asked right after, “Now, Joseph, you’re living in Rochester right?  Are you done with school?”  At that point I respond the same way I always do, “No, I’ve been living in… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013
Bill Pinkel

What’s the deal with Terakeet?

Any Seinfeld fan will tell you that some aspect of the TV show can apply to any situation in life. So how does it apply to the culture at Terakeet? Going out on a high note In “The Burning” George Costanza decides that he should leave meetings on a comedic high note. An act of… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013

Google is a Cruel, Cruel Mistress

We spend some of our days at Terakeet attempting to understand the conundrum that is Google, but given that Google has our organization outnumbered (roughly) 2,700 to 0 with reagrds to Ph.Ds on the payroll, most of the time we just try to emulate real human marketing instincts.  The small idiosyncrasies that cause websites to… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013

Sink or Swim: Treading Water with Tough Clients

Simple tips to keep in mind when you feel like you are starting to drift off into the client deep end of no return. 1. Don’t Panic. In order not to drown, whether it be from your workload, lack of client communication, accurate sense of direction or progress in general; you have to be able… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // January 23, 2013

A Terakeet Strategist Survival Guide

Sure, as a web strategist I’ve learned a lot about search signals, on-page optimization, every competitive analysis tool ever made, and can link build with the best of them.  I’ve read every word Matt Cutt’s has written for the past 3 years, and can probably recite some White Board Friday videos verbatim.  However, there are… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 21, 2013

Perspectives – It’s About Your Voice!

When it comes to content, there is no greater feeling than capturing the perfect opportunity to present an original perspective.  Clouds of dull and boring information circulate within all communities on the Internet, but valuable differentiation occurs when you capitalize on sharing creative perspectives that are unique to you!     Real value isn’t always… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // January 21, 2013
Amanda Condon

‘Keet Eats

One of the things I’ve noticed working at Terakeet is that we have some talented cooks and bakers!  From delicious cake pops to comfort food favorites, there’s always a new dish to be tasted. When Terakeet has a potluck, it’s unlike your average office potluck. The café transforms into a reality TV show cook-off: counters… Read More »

Case Study // January 9, 2013

Obama for America Finds New Opportunities with Terakeet

Perhaps no introduction is necessary for the 44th President of the United States’ globally recognized campaign, but in the interest of consistency we’ll provide you a few details. Operating out of its headquarters in Chicago, Obama for America is the primary fundraising, organizing, and messaging vehicle responsible for the President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and… Read More »

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