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Monthly Archive for February 2013

Insights // February 19, 2013
Alan Coholan

5 Characteristics of Goal Planning

Over the last few months, our own Shannon Welch and Joe O’Connor were lucky enough to attend a leadership program founded by Ahern, Murphy & Associates, one of the area’s premier organizational development agencies. In turn, Joe and Shannon spread what they were learning to the rest of us here at Terakeet through internal, bi-monthly… Read More »

Insights // February 14, 2013

How a Successful Outreach Email is Like A Marriage Proposal

She Said Yes! Although I am but a young bachelorette, and have never been proposed-to or proposed myself (don’t worry mom!), I can safely say I have read enough romance novels, seen The Notebook and episodes of The Bachelor enough times to know how to declare your love effectively and, ultimately, how to construct a… Read More »

Insights // February 13, 2013

This Valentines Day, Earn Some Link Love

This Valentines Day, not only is it important to pamper your better halves, mothers, siblings and of course, clients, but also to spread a little timely love throughout the ocean of relationship and dating communities that, by and large, consider this holiday one of the biggest. Whether you’re in the health industry, real estate business… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // February 8, 2013
Matthew Raven

Friday Shout-out to the Alpha Wolf

One of our great traditions here at Terakeet is the shout-out portion of our weekly circle-up meeting. It’s a chance for team members to recognize their peers, and how their successes during the past week relate to one of our core values. This Friday, I thought I would give my own digital shout out to… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // February 7, 2013
Brent Scott

Why I’m Making a Really Serious Face in my Terakeet Profile Picture

As you’ve likely noticed, I have a somewhat unorthodox expression on my face in the accompanying profile picture.  What you may not know, however, is that I made this face in order to demonstrate a very important point about my new employer, Terakeet. The point is this:  Terakeet is serious about SEO.  We’re on the… Read More »

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