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Monthly Archive for May 2013

Insights // May 30, 2013

Don’t Run From Personalized Search

Just like life, the practice of search doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And despite the desire for some SEO practitioners to treat it that way, we need to wake up to the fact that the majority of the search engine users don’t view search engine results in the climate-controlled, incognito window, proxy-server petri dish like… Read More »

Insights // May 24, 2013

Fear Not The March of the Penguin

Is it just me or has Google turned the majority of SEOs into squeamish little namby-pambies, shaking in their boots at the mere mention of fuzzy black and white marsupials or little waddling marine birds? It’s almost embarassing to the rest of us trying to do real marketing. Certainly, the Panda and Peguin updates have… Read More »

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