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Monthly Archive for June 2013

Inside Terakeet // June 21, 2013
Brent Scott

Terakeet’s Sixth Core Value (Unofficially)

At Terakeet, we pride ourselves on our five core values––the five traits that we look for in our team members and strive to embody as a company. 1.     Integrity 2.     Sustainable Value 3.     Entrepreneurship 4.     Invention 5.     Rapid Response There is, however, an unofficial sixth core value that holds a special place with many of… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // June 7, 2013

SCSD Students Shine in Job Shadowing Opportunity

Last week, Terakeet partnered with the Future 40 Belowers Program to give high school students from the Syracuse City School District a pre-professional job shadowing experience. The reviews of our first time hosting job shadowers were unanimous across the entire company: HUGE success! The idea to participate in such a program was sparked from discussions… Read More »

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