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Monthly Archive for September 2013

Insights // September 19, 2013

Avoiding the SEO Penalty Box

Much like a game of hockey, poorly designed plays and excessive penalties can swiftly alter the outcome of the game. The world of SEO is no different. Fast-paced companies are constantly pushing to score a goal. But with search engines constantly monitoring SEO cross-checkers and trippers, we need to make sure we’re playing between the… Read More »

Insights // September 11, 2013

The Language of Keyword Analysis: The Application of Concatenation in Search

The English language is the arrangement of a set of governing letters that when combined into well-formed words and sentences yield meaning. In the world of technology or computer programming, the same concept is applied, only keywords and phrases are more commonly referred to as strings. Google does a great job at identifying meaning amongst… Read More »

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