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Monthly Archive for October 2013

Inside Terakeet // October 10, 2013
Bill Pinkel

16 Things That Would Happen if Google Shut Down

As the United States endures week two of the government shutdown, many Americans aren’t yet directly feeling the impact. But what if a major American conglomerate shut down? What if Google shutdown? 1. Google+ goes offline, nobody cares.               2. Jeeves rises from the ashes and rejoins, now… Read More »

Insights // October 7, 2013
Carley Parsons

Times They are A-Changin’: What Does Your Business Want to Be When it Grows Up?

There’s no shortage of inspirational quotes, historical one-liners, and famous lyrics telling us how to feel about, react to, or approach the infamous concept of change. To give ourselves a working definition, good-ol’ Merriam-Webster claims that change means “to become different, to make (someone or something) different, or to become something else.” When starting or… Read More »

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