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Monthly Archive for February 2014

Insights // February 28, 2014
Brent Scott

What is it Worth to Rank Number One?

As one of the leading SEO companies in the world, brands (for the most part) come to Terakeet with a single goal in mind: to rank number one in Google search results for a key term or list of terms related to their business. This is our core competency at Terakeet.  We are number one… Read More »

Insights // February 26, 2014
Bill Pinkel

How a Government Agency Is Using the Internet to Destroy Reputations

One government agency is using “covert agents” to attack the online reputations of citizens and companies. The title of this article may seem like the work of another conspiracy theorist, but due in part to journalist Glenn Greenwald, one government agency has been exposed for using online tactics to disseminate false information about people and… Read More »

Case Study // February 14, 2014
Joseph Torrillo

Digital Footprint Reveals Top Executive’s True Colors

This is a case study of a reputation management campaign that provided justice for one executive that was wrongfully attacked by the media.  It is a prime example of how the power of the Internet can be recklessly abused, and it provides an excellent defense for the practice of online reputation management (ORM) – restoring… Read More »

Insights // February 11, 2014
Kevin Hassett

Google Announces Page Layout Algorithm Refresh

Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam, tweeted that the search engine recently refreshed its Page Layout algorithm, effective February 6th. SEO folks: we recently launched a refresh of this algorithm: Visible to outside world on ~Feb. 6th. — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) February 10, 2014 This particular algorithm targets websites that offer a poor initial… Read More »

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