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Monthly Archive for March 2014

Insights // March 25, 2014

Link Quality vs. Quantity: An SEO Balancing Act

A common misconception I frequently encounter is the idea that hyperlinks serve one purpose: to enable users to find additional information about the product or subject they are currently reading about. Sure, before search engines even existed, the number one purpose of links was to find content. But over time, their importance has changed. Not… Read More »

Insights // March 19, 2014

Visual Culture: Infographics in Marketing and SEO

As society’s appetite for visual information increases, the techniques used to deliver that information continue to evolve and expand. With the plethora of new information generated on a daily basis, it’s vital that we continue to develop innovative and appropriate ways to distribute that data to the masses. Our culture has transformed into one that… Read More »

Insights // March 13, 2014
Corey Mallonee

Market Like a Superhero: What Content Marketers Can Learn from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has, for much of its history, been synonymous with innovative marketing. Stan Lee’s famously bombastic promotional voice helped build the company into the media powerhouse it is today. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier releasing in less than a month and promotion for this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy escalating, now seems like… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // March 11, 2014
Brian Quoss

A Day in the Life, a Sideways Glance at the Terakeet Staff

A Day in the Life, a Sideways Glance at the Terakeet Staff was created by Strategist Kelly Collins and Design Director Brian Quoss to provide a snapshot into the daily lives of Terakeet employees.  Whether we’re being creative in the office or spending time outside of work volunteering, Terakeet culture is one of a kind.… Read More »

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