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Amanda Condon

Brand Strategy Supervisor

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Insights // August 26, 2013
Amanda Condon

Bloggin’ Moms Have Got it Goin’ On!

  Believe it or not, mommy bloggers are the socialites and social media power players of today’s online community. Not the Justin Bieber-crazed, vampire-loving, glued to their phones teeny boppers; I’m referring to every-day moms, who are talking about fast and easy meals, DIY crafts and of course, their kiddos. But how did mommy bloggers… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // January 21, 2013
Amanda Condon

‘Keet Eats

One of the things I’ve noticed working at Terakeet is that we have some talented cooks and bakers!  From delicious cake pops to comfort food favorites, there’s always a new dish to be tasted. When Terakeet has a potluck, it’s unlike your average office potluck. The café transforms into a reality TV show cook-off: counters… Read More »