The first half of Andres’ career was spent in software research and development at Cambridge, MA based Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN). At BBN, he conducted research in advanced networking technologies, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence.

In 1997, Andres co-founded Longwood Software, a developer of marketing asset management solutions for marketers and agencies. As CEO and CTO, he led corporate and product development for the startup. Longwood was an early innovator in software-as-a-service, deploying a web-only subscription product in 2000.

In 2002, Andres joined Mark Russell and Associates as a digital strategist and leader of the firm’s digital practice. In 2005, Andres co-founded “Pump”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MRA. As an extension of successful and innovative projects for Motorola, Tylenol PM, and other leading marketers, Pump developed custom large-scale CRM solutions based on a proprietary content delivery platform. Pump was acquired by Eric Mower + Associates in 2008.

As Senior Partner at At Eric Mower + Associates (EMA), Andres led EMA’s digital practice, helping EMA clients innovate and compete in the digital domain. Additionally, as the digital revolution demanded new processes, approaches, and organizational structures in the marketing services industry, he was responsible for leading organizational development at EMA.

Today, as SVP of Brand Experience, Andres and his team are responsible for leading and delivering engagement marketing solutions for Terakeet customers.

Andres has a degree in computer science from Colgate University, and completed the Greater Boston Executive Program for Executive Leadership at the MIT Sloan School.