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We're experienced marketing professionals, but more than that we’re real people, connecting brands and businesses on a personal level with innovative solutions to identify, engage and mobilize their key audiences on the web.

Photo of Collin Kohberger

Collin Kohberger

Brand Strategy Supervisor

Collin Kohberger’s Posts //

Inside Terakeet // July 22, 2015
Ally Wyle

Employee Spotlight: Collin Kohberger

Collin strives for success on a daily basis. His appetite for knowledge and his desire to continue to grow at Terakeet has led him on a successful career path. In less than a year, Collin was promoted from Brand Strategist to Senior Brand Strategist, eventually continuing on to his current role, Brand Strategy Supervisor. I… Read More »

Insights // January 20, 2016
Collin Kohberger

Using Your Why: Creating Long-Term Brand Loyalty

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” The first time I heard this line from Simon Sinek in his now famous TEDx talk, it completely changed the way I look at brand communication – or as it’s sometimes referred, marketing. After all, most marketing is just a word for how… Read More »