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Corey Mallonee

Director of Content

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Insights // January 9, 2015
Corey Mallonee

Slaying the Content Dragon: Making Long-Form Content Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

How long should it be? If you’ve ever written anything for someone else–a school essay, an article, a blog post–chances are you’ve probably asked that question. Sometimes the answer’s straightforward: five to seven pages, 600 words, up to 140 characters. But if you’ve written very often, you’ve probably also been told: As long as it… Read More »

Insights // April 18, 2014
Corey Mallonee

Google Announces Changes to Analytics Tool

Google has updated its Analytics tool to better track users accessing sites through multiple channels. The changes will be implemented in the coming week. Webmasters will now be able to view app and web data in the same reporting view; all data for a web property will appear in all reporting views, where previously app… Read More »

Insights // April 4, 2014
Corey Mallonee

Life After Facebook: Recovering from the Death of Free Organic Reach

So: after months of cratering organic reach for brands’ Facebook pages, reports surfaced in mid-March confirming that the changes would be permanent. For years, Facebook had been touting its Pages feature as a way for brands, celebrities and other public figures to connect directly to their audience, with posts organically appearing in the news feeds of users… Read More »

Insights // March 13, 2014
Corey Mallonee

Market Like a Superhero: What Content Marketers Can Learn from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has, for much of its history, been synonymous with innovative marketing. Stan Lee’s famously bombastic promotional voice helped build the company into the media powerhouse it is today. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier releasing in less than a month and promotion for this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy escalating, now seems like… Read More »