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We're experienced marketing professionals, but more than that we’re real people, connecting brands and businesses on a personal level with innovative solutions to identify, engage and mobilize their key audiences on the web.

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Ken Schiefer

Brand Strategy Supervisor

Ken Schiefer’s Posts //

Inside Terakeet // April 29, 2016
Ken Schiefer

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Hassett

To the common employee at Terakeet, Kevin Hassett is the Director of Product Implementation, or the tall quiet guy who sits in the corner of the second floor. But what most don’t know, is that during his tenure he has held more than five different titles, and has worked in nearly every department within this… Read More »

Insights // September 20, 2013
Ken Schiefer

An Inside Tip: Place Your Bets on Digital Marketing

People have called me cheap from time to time, but I think “frugal” has a better ring to it. Coincidentally, I also like to gamble. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How is it possible for somebody who’s cheap to be an avid gambler?” Isn’t it obvious? I only bet on sure things! Let me… Read More »

Uncategorized // January 24, 2013
Ken Schiefer

The Foosball/Link Crushing Correlation

There is little doubt that at Terakeet, we love a good game of foos. While we needn’t be constantly reminded (ahem, ladies) that foos is best played off regular business hours due to the noise level it elicits, learning to play the game the Terakeet way often mirrors the ways we conduct our outreach. The… Read More »