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Kevin Clay

Senior Brand Strategist

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Insights // February 15, 2017
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: January 2017

Welcome to Terakeet’s first Digital Marketing Recap of 2017. We’re taking a look back at some of January’s biggest stories from the digital marketing world. Every month, our recap delivers key pieces of news and insight to not only help you better understand where digital marketing is headed but also allow you to maintain an effective… Read More »

Insights // January 11, 2017
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: December 2016

The digital marketing world saw an incredible amount of change in 2016. While some marketers may still be trying to recoup from the dizzying effect of 2016, we’re here to get you up to speed with how the end of the year shaped up. While we’re looking forward to 2017, we’re also taking a look… Read More »

Insights // December 30, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: 2016 Year in Review

Over the past year, we’ve collected the most impactful insights from the world of digital marketing through our monthly Digital Marketing Recaps. To maintain an effective marketing strategy in 2017 and continue to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to review what big changes shaped 2016. Digital Marketing News This section features the top… Read More »

Insights // December 7, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: November 2016

We’re  at it again with another installment of the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. November brought a lot of activity online in terms of our presidential election and the upcoming holiday season. As always, this month’s edition not only touches on our favorite articles from the past month, it also highlights key pieces of news and… Read More »

Insights // November 9, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: October 2016

Now that we’re well into November, why don’t we take a look back at the most interesting and newsworthy articles from October? This month’s recap brings you the key pieces of news and insight that enable you to maintain an effective marketing strategy through the end of the year, and also allows you to navigate… Read More »

Insights // October 5, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: September 2016

Whether you believe it or not, fall is officially here. Even though the warmest of days are behind us, we can start to look forward to season premiers of our favorite shows (or Monday night football), the smell in the air, and plenty to discuss in the world of influencer marketing. As always, our recap… Read More »

Insights // September 14, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: August 2016

Even though summer is coming to a close, we’re still excited to bring you the latest and greatest stories from the world of digital marketing. As always, this month’s recap delivers the key pieces of news and insight that will help you maintain effective marketing strategies within the ever-changing digital landscape. Digital Marketing News August… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 24, 2016
Kevin Clay

Employee Spotlight: Jonas Sickler

For the last two years, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most inventive, supportive, and genuine people I’ve ever known. Not only do I look at these people as friends and teammates, but also as builders of the framework that makes Terakeet so exceptional. They’re all part of what makes us… Read More »