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People define organizations, and ours are creative, enthusiastic, talented, and relentlessly hard working. We’ve built our team around the idea that anyone, whether they’ve been with Terakeet for ten years or ten days, can have the idea that changes the course of a campaign, an account, or our entire company. We never stop pushing ourselves to do the absolute best we can for our customers--and to have fun while we’re at it.

About Matthew

Matt joined Terakeet as an intern in 2008 while earning his degree in Integrated Marketing at the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. Following graduation, Matt continued with the team as a Brand Strategist working on some of the company’s largest accounts. He quickly established himself as an expert advocate of Terakeet’s unique value proposition and worked his way through the ranks, learning every facet of the business from the ground up.

Midway through his tenure, Matt took on a new leadership opportunity in the company’s evolving Digital Advocacy Solutions department, and eventually became the Director of Advocacy Strategies. In this position he spearheaded the practice’s strategy development and client engagement efforts while also becoming a valuable asset in acquiring new business.

Having gained impressive results for Terakeet’s Digital Advocacy clients, the leadership team identified an opportunity to influence a broader set of customer business objectives beyond search. Capitalizing on his success, Matt shifted to his current role as VP of Brand Strategy, allowing him to implement proven engagement strategies and drive tactical direction across all of Terakeet’s accounts.

Matt has worked with a number of international clients and played a pivotal engagement marketing role for each. Moving forward, Matt will continue to drive the company’s vision with his entrepreneurial spirit, well-developed leadership skills, and appetite for both Terakeet and client success.

A native of Syracuse, Matt enjoys sports, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

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People define organizations, and ours are creative, enthusiastic, talented, and relentlessly hard working.

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