5 Blogger Outreach Tips to Build Links and Boost Visibility

Key Points
  • When looking for the “right” influencers, find those that have use for your product.
  • Excite audiences about your brand by giving them an exclusive look at something you are doing.
  • Offer a unique brand experience; find a way to differentiate from similar products.
  • Create compelling content.
  • Show an influencer how much they matter to your brand by personalizing your pitch to them.

How do you build up a customer base, develop brand loyalty and boost your SEO all at once? Blogger outreach is the answer.

However, bloggers won’t just sing your praises for free. They need to get something out of the relationship as well. Yet, you can’t compensate them if you want to that valuable dofollow backlink. So what can you do?

In this post, I’ll explain how to provide more value through blogger outreach to boost your backlink profile while remaining on Google’s nice list.

Getting “Buy-in” Through Blogger Outreach

The idea of “buy-in” is crucial to successful blogger outreach. Readers choose to follow blogs because they trust the publisher and enjoy the content. So if you want blogger buy-in, you better provide value for their readers.

Here are five easy ways your brand can provide value to online publishers (without bending Google’s guidelines).

1. Find Bloggers that Can Relate to Your Brand

If you want to boost your blogger outreach success, then find the right audience. Don’t just pump out emails to any address you can find. Look for people who value and enjoy whatever it is you sell.

The blogosphere is growing fast. There are as many as 152 million blogs currently on the internet, and 172,000 new ones added every day. There is ample opportunity to find online publishers with something to gain from your product.

2. Exclusivity

An easy way to excite audiences about your brand is to give them something that others don’t have access to. For example, if you sell gumballs, find influencers in the candy sphere. Then offer them an exclusive look at the science behind the extra-large bubbles your new gumballs produce.

3. Offer a unique brand experience

Successful brands find a way to make an otherwise unimpressive industry/product unique and exciting. They also develop a unique personality and identity.

Zappos is the most loyal person you know; Go Daddy is the shock jock; Pixar is the creative genius; Toms is the philanthropist; Beats by Dre are pro athletes. You don’t want to be a boring brand; ideally, you’re going to invoke some sort of response and elicit emotion from consumers. You want to get noticed and be liked. You want to be the next Netflix, not the next Blockbuster.

4. Create compelling content

There is a reason everyone in this industry says content is king, and engaging content can supercharge your blogger outreach. Create content that positions you as the expert and appeals to your target demographic. To continue with the gumball example, you could leverage your users for creative content ideas.

Perhaps you could get feedback from 12 bubblegum-chewing influencers about their chewing habits. Or maybe you could create a breathtaking infographic about what your gum flavor preference says about your personality.

5. Personalize your pitch

Personalize your pitch to show online publishers how much they matter. If you locate someone who constantly blogs about the different gum they are chewing, a customized pitch will not only pique their interest, but likely engage them. A personal pitch makes an influencer feel chosen and valued.

In Conclusion

Bloggers have a dedicated, trusting readership, so you should do everything you can to earn their endorsement. This Nielsen survey found that 84% of people still trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends more than anything else. Further, Blogher says that 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

Those are some staggering statistics.

What’s more, all of that data is measurable. So you can quantify a blog’s reach to determine the potential value of a relationship before you even reach out!

Once you master blogger outreach, you’ll have an army of advocates (and potentially backlinks) in no time.