5 Ways to Create Urgency in Email Dialogue

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As a marketing professional, do you ever wonder what makes your email stand out from the rest? It’s hard to stand apart when you’re buried in an influencer’s inbox. What makes your campaign enticing? Why would someone want to engage with you? Dialogue is just the beginning. You need to implement these tips right now if you want to have a chance at earning and keeping interest!

Day to day, people have many decisions to make: what to eat, where to eat, what to buy, how to dress, etc. As digital marketers, we want to close our deals and we want to close them fast! Creating and conveying urgency to an influencer is one of the key components to closing a deal.

Let’s get right to 5 different ways to create urgency through electronic dialogue. The next time you email, it will be done with efficiency.

1. Strong Subject Lines

The first step to creating urgency begins with your subject line. Choose words that grab your recipient’s attention and makes them want to open your email. Influencers are bombarded with emails every day; your subject line needs to stand out from the rest.

Strong subject lines are concise and tease what will be in the email, but also not overly spammy. You should appear as a human and not as an automated marketing robot. That’s the quickest way to get ignored.

2. Clear Ask

Be direct with what you want them to do. An influencer is less likely to read an email that is way too long, so brevity is your friend. Your email should be clear and to the point. The more confused the reader is, the less likely they are to respond back to you, let alone make a decision.

3. Timeline

During the dialogue, you should set a deadline or timeframe within the first couple of email exchanges. By getting the influencer to commit to a date, you are more in control of the timeline and more likely to receive a set decision. Using time-sensitive words within your dialogue will impose a sense of urgency as well.

Some examples:

  • “How does sometime within the next two weeks work for you?”
  • “This coupon expires within 48 hours!”
  • “Only available to first 100 people!”

Follow-ups are important because they keep you and the influencer on track for a set deadline. Asking questions or offering your help with the campaign is a friendly way to follow up. Ask them how they are doing and build a rapport. You are human after all, aren’t you?

4. Exclusivity & Collaborative Content

Making people feel they’re important or that they’re contributing to something great will help with decision-making. Influencers have a lot of marketing campaigns thrown at them – what would make yours stand out? Why would they want to participate? There are many different ways to inject exclusivity into your campaign.

Leverage the influencer’s expertise by having them contribute to a piece of content your campaign is running. Reach out and ask an influencer to share their top tips, experiences, or advice on a particular topic. When the influencer is the sourced expert, you’re creating something mutually beneficial and they’re more likely to make a faster decision. They are getting something in return for their contribution and hard work.

5. Strong Why

Marketing campaigns that present a strong strategy will compel the influencer to want to participate. When strategizing your campaign, key questions to consider would be, why is this campaign worth the influencer’s time? Why would they want to participate?

Scarcity can intersect with your why – you want to offer something that seems limited, that way they will act fast before it’s gone. People are more likely to make fast decisions when they think they’re going to miss out or lose out on an opportunity or product (FOMO).

When crafting your email drafts, review and edit to make sure you have urgency within your dialogue. Using a strong subject line with time-sensitive wording will grab the person’s attention. Presenting direct, clear, and concise dialogue within your emails will give the person a clear ask and an understanding of what you’re trying to do.

Creating a strong why or an exclusive offer will make people more likely to commit quickly. Take control of the dialogue by setting a deadline and follow up to ensure the person stays on track. What tips and strategies do you use to create urgency? What seems to help convert the best for you?