A Day in the Life of an Account Manager: In the Office

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Account Managers at Terakeet are dedicated to delivering the best possible impact for our clients. Every Account Manager has broad expertise in digital marketing, branding, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, campaign analytics, and creative strategy.

They are responsible for coordinating teams of experts and specialists in Brand Strategy and Influencer Outreach, Analytics, On-Page SEO, and Content, in order to design and deliver solutions that meet client goals, objectives, and expectations. This is a high-responsibility role that offers a challenging leadership opportunity with the benefits of working in the office, on the road, and remotely.

This is the first of a three-part series introducing three of the dozen-strong team of Account Managers we have today. Meet Emily Soule as she highlights a typical day in the office.

I joined the Terakeet team as a Brand Strategist in June 2014. Prior to Terakeet, I earned my MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University where I also worked as a Teaching Assistant. After I graduated, I worked in curriculum development in Boston.

During my Terakeet interview, we discussed my background in teaching and presenting and the Account Manager (AM) position was mentioned. I knew I wanted to grow into that role. Beginning as a Brand Strategist gave me a strong foundation with hands-on experience that I often draw from when I communicate with clients. The AM role offers flexibility, teamwork, and collaboration opportunities like none other that have shaped the professional I am today.

A Day in the Life of an Account Manager: Working In The Office

I start my mornings at Terakeet by meeting with my account teams – the Brand Strategy Supervisors and Brand Strategists. These can be quick, 15-minute check-ins or full hour-long meetings where we dissect our outreach tactics and brainstorm new ideas. I value this facetime with my teams to connect, celebrate successes, and address any obstacles. This is also a great time for mentoring; I always try to find new data to share with Brand Strategists and illustrate how that will be incorporated into client communications.

All but one of my accounts are currently on the west coast, which means that my client calls are always in the afternoons. I have complete ownership of client call times and team meeting schedules, so in between my morning team meetings and afternoon calls, I prepare decks and dialogue for calls by reviewing the newest brand relationships the strategy team has developed and combing through data from Google Analytics and Search Console. I also monitor our clients’ sites and social platforms to ensure that I’m up to date on all the latest brand news.

Engagement with other departments

As an Account Manager, I work closely with the On-Page and Analytics support teams to create and maintain impactful strategy and value relevant to our contractual objectives. To ensure that the recommendations I provide to clients are as valuable as possible, I meet with a member of our support team to review the client’s questions and our strategy. It’s imperative that our clients have healthy sites, capable of retaining the value we work to build.

At times, my current accounts will send referral clients, so before getting on a call with the prospective client, a member of our Business Development team may call me to review the account’s current activity. I provide an account download which includes current outreach tactics and the latest KPIs reported on our client call.

Being able to facilitate effective communication across departments on a daily basis and on calls is crucial to the work we provide and to delivering the best client experience.

Involvement in special projects

In addition to managing the accounts in our portfolio, I’m also able to work on special projects to improve the efficiency of our operations and to enhance my clients’ experience with us. For example, I’m currently working with members of our Content, Analytics, and On-Page teams to learn more about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and how its principles work in concert with SEO. Being in 4 different departments, we all have a unique perspective and can collaborate to create innovative strategies that add value to our clients’ holistic marketing plans.


The Account Manager role provides a fulfilling balance of internal teamwork and external engagement. Being client-facing enables me to engage with CEOs, CMOs, and marketing leaders from both emerging and distinguished brands, while also utilizing those relationships internally to refine and grow our strategy.

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