A Day in the Life of an Account Manager: Remote Office

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Account Managers at Terakeet are dedicated to delivering the best possible impact for our clients. Every Account Manager has broad expertise in digital marketing, branding, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, campaign analytics, and creative strategy.

They are responsible for coordinating teams of experts and specialists in Brand Strategy and Influencer Outreach, Analytics, On-Page SEO, and Content, in order to design and deliver solutions that meet client goals, objectives, and expectations. This is a high-responsibility role that offers a challenging leadership opportunity with the benefits of working in the office, on the road, and remotely.

In the final post of our three-part series highlighting our dynamic team of Account Managers, meet Kate Lukabu as she describes her career with Terakeet as a remote Account Director as she’s moved across the country.

I joined the Terakeet team in November 2014 when I was hired as a Senior Account Executive.   Prior to joining the Terakeet team, I was an Account Manager at Crowd Science, a Silicon Valley startup that provided audience targeting and segmentation solutions for online publishers and brands. I managed relationships with premium publishers, advertising networks, and brands including: Forbes, Thomson Reuters, Ziff Davis, Scripps Networks, Demand Media, and Federated Media. Prior to Crowd Science, I spent time in advertising sales at Scripps Networks, Turner Broadcasting, and Fox Cable Sports, building cross-platform marketing programs by developing creative and integrated advertising solutions for clients responsible for many top-tier clients and agencies including: OMD, MEC, Zenith Media, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, ICON International, Horizon Media and PHD.

I attended Colgate University which is about an hour east of Terakeet’s headquarters, where I played 4 years on the Women’s soccer team. I came across Terakeet on my job search when my family and I moved to Central NY. My expectations have been blown away and I am very thankful to have found a company committed to innovation and creative thinking. No two days are ever truly the same, and I love that!

A Day in the Life of an Off-site Account Manager

After being at Terakeet for about 7 months, my husband’s career relocated our family to Florida in the summer of 2015, and then we landed in the San Francisco Bay area in May of 2016. Terakeet made these transitions very smooth and working off-site provides a very healthy work–life balance. I’ve worked many places throughout my career where I’ve had over two hours of commuting each day, and that can be exhausting. It causes burnout and I spent many hours thinking about how I could get that time back. Although working remote isn’t for everyone, I’ve come to realize it’s been a perfect fit for my family dynamic and where I am in my life.

In order to be successful in a remote role, it is crucial to establish a routine. Working remotely requires a certain discipline and drive. My daily routine begins around 6 am. Since I’m on the West Coast, I tend to get my day started a bit early to get more time with my team in the Syracuse office and east coast clients. I typically start my morning checking emails and Google Hangouts messages before getting my three young children out of bed (or many days, out of my bed).

The typical day of team meetings, client calls, brainstorms, presentation preparation, (and much more) ends around 4 pm or so. I get to spend the afternoon and evening with my family and I typically give one final check-in to work while I’m on the couch with my laptop around 9 pm before signing off for the night. I love the flexibility and balance this opportunity provides, and I find that I am much more productive working from the comfort of my own home (maybe it’s because I’m still in my sweatpants or pajamas).

Engagement with other departments

This is a very fast-paced industry. You’re managing multiple clients, multiple client personalities, internal teams, projects, deadlines, etc. Being organized will help diminish feeling overwhelmed and prioritizing your time is a must. We have a strong support team at Terakeet, so it’s important to understand when to lean on them for guidance. Once you get into a good groove with clients, internal teams, and processes, it‘s fairly easy to understand what’s urgent and important and what could wait until later in the day or the next day. Managing the time zone has been smooth; it’s super important to set expectations, but with that said, having consistent communication and meetings with clients is a must.

With all the ways we can communicate — phone, email, Hangouts, Facetime — it’s very easy to stay present so I haven’t found it challenging to keep lines of communication open in the remote setting. What I think is most important to achieve successful communication and engagement across departments is understanding when you need to get off of the email or chat and pick up the phone. I would apply this to both internal communication as well as client communication. A phone call is effective and efficient. Lines of communication must remain open and because communication tends to be frequent in such a fast-paced industry.

Involvement in special projects

Because Terakeet strongly values entrepreneurship and invention, this fosters a very healthy culture of critical thinking. I’ve had the opportunity at Terakeet to be a part of the development of a new position within the Account Management team, the Account Director role. This is a new layer of support for the Account Managers that will allow me to be more involved in our portfolio of accounts, with a priority on customer retention and growth. This new role also offers a career path for others within the Account Management department.


Terakeet has given me the opportunity to define my new role within the company and shape my career path. We have a leadership team with a unique grit that encourages each and every one one of us to roll up our sleeves, reject complacency, and challenge the status quo. And with that said, it’s the ideal team for me.

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