Employee Spotlight: Krissy Ryan

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Krissy Ryan is a Web Analytics Specialist. She’s also a competitive athlete, a Real Housewives aficionado, and an invaluable teammate here at Terakeet. In her role, she analyzes clients’ metrics to deliver insights that illuminate Terakeet’s impact.

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I’ve worked closely with Krissy for 2 years and to say it’s been a privilege would be an understatement. She seamlessly navigates through our entire client portfolio, generating analyses and supporting client communications in a way that propels our partnerships. I sat down with Krissy to learn more about what drives her work and enables her to thrive at Terakeet.

Not everyone knows this about you, but you’re a bit of a shark when it comes to nearly anything athletic. How does your competitive spirit drive your work at Terakeet?

I think my athletic background drives my work in many ways. I’ve never been one for ‘losing,’ just doesn’t suit me, which is actually something that helps me regularly as an analyst. My supervisor, Ron, always tells our team to ‘be skeptical of the data.’ It’s important to be able to prove why there was an increase in traffic or growth in ranking keywords, etc. However, the competitive side of me is especially useful when the data I’m analyzing does not add up. There are times when I have spent hours shuffling through different tools, which can be tedious and frustrating, but the feeling of pushing through and finally resolving a potential issue within the data is always a small win for me. Krissy: 1, Miscellaneous Discrepancy: 0.

In your role as an analyst, you’ve touched nearly every account in our portfolio. What metric would you say our clients cared most about in 2016?

It’s tough to point out just one metric as I think our team prides itself on its ability to adapt based on the needs of the specific account, but non-branded traffic is definitely high up there on the list. This data point is often used to demonstrate our progress over time, which is why I reference it in nearly every report. It’s especially helpful when working with new and emerging brands, as we’re able to distinguish our work from that of the natural growth of a company.

Which Terakeet core value do you feel you most embody?

For right now, I’d probably say ‘sustainable value.’ There are many accounts I have been on since day 1 that are approaching 2 years of work with Terakeet, which I’d like to think has been a combination of consistently good work from both myself and the great team members I have surrounding me. However, I hope to one day add ‘invention’ to this list, as I think it’s incredibly important to challenge oneself to think outside of the box in order to grow both personally and professionally.

Who are you chasing at Terakeet and why do you admire their work?

While there are many people at Terakeet worthy of ‘chasing,’ I’d have to say Brett Butler is someone I’ve always looked up to as an analyst. When I first started in December 2014, I sat next to Brett and I can genuinely say that my experience would not have been the same without him by my side for the following year and a half. Not only did he basically teach me everything I know about engagement marketing, but he was constantly challenging himself and coming up with creative ways to problem solve, which always motivated me to do the same. Although he no longer sits next to me, I know I can always count on him to bounce ideas off of or to just shoot the $&!+ (breeze) with about nerdy things, like Excel formulas or algorithm updates. Brett – if you’re reading this, love ya, bro!

Lastly, as a fellow Bravo-fanatic, what would your tagline be if you were a Real Housewife?

I’ve lost sleep over this question. God forbid this post starts ranking for ‘Bravo’-related terms and Andy Cohen sees it… “I put the champ in champagne.”