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Digital Marketing Recap
October 2016
Insights // November 9, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: October 2016

Now that we’re well into November, why don’t we take a look back at the most interesting and newsworthy articles from October? This month’s recap brings you the key pieces of news and insight that enable you to maintain an effective marketing strategy through the end of the year, and also allows you to navigate… Read More »

Insights // November 1, 2016
Carl Hagmann, Ph.D.

Using Twitter Data to Measure Public Perception of Political Candidates

At Terakeet, we recently hired Carl Hagmann, a data scientist who received his Ph.D. from Tufts University and was a postdoc at Syracuse University. Carl is helping to implement machine learning and natural language processing at Terakeet to enable a more analytical approach to the vast amounts of data we have collected over the years.… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // October 26, 2016
Tonya Nelson

Employee Spotlight: Gino Geruntino

My first day at Terakeet was about a year and a half ago; I was incredibly nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, one of my fellow coworkers was Gino Geruntino. Within minutes of meeting Gino, it was clear he was a beloved character with a lot of interesting stories to tell. Behind his… Read More »

Insights // October 20, 2016
Kevin Graham

Pivoting Your Marketing Strategy: Lessons From the DC Film Universe

We live in an age where everyone’s a critic, from employees of major media companies to your mother on Facebook. Each of us has the ability to provide our opinion to a massive body of people. Hop onto any social media platform and you will find someone giving their two cents on a social, cultural,… Read More »

Insights // October 12, 2016
Danica Rockwood

Follow the Leader: What Facebook’s Trending Algorithm Could Learn From SEO History

On the heels of an investigation by Gizmodo, Facebook recently rolled out its ‘Trending’ algorithm, ahead of its scheduled release. Facebook’s Trending algorithm is designed to replace its human-curated newsticker on Facebook’s far-right corner with a computer-generated one: Almost immediately, the Trending algorithm hit a speed bump when it accidentally ricocheted a fake news article… Read More »

Digital Marketing Recap
September 2016
Insights // October 5, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: September 2016

Whether you believe it or not, fall is officially here. Even though the warmest of days are behind us, we can start to look forward to season premiers of our favorite shows (or Monday night football), the smell in the air, and plenty to discuss in the world of influencer marketing. As always, our recap… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // September 29, 2016
Shaun Rouse

Employee Spotlight: Kayla Mackie

When I joined Terakeet in February 2016, I immediately felt surrounded by great leaders, Kayla Mackie being one of them. Within five minutes of speaking with Kayla, I knew her leadership skills were one of a kind. She’s able to tackle problems with grace and encourage others to think outside the box when facing challenges.… Read More »

Insights // September 26, 2016

Google Launches Real-Time Penguin Update, Now Part Of Core Algorithm

Google announced Friday that it has finally released an updated version of its Penguin algorithm, designed to combat spammy backlinks, as part of its core algorithm. The brief blog post, published on Google’s Webmaster Central blog, noted two major differences between Penguin 4.0 and previous versions of the algorithm. Penguin is now real-time. Historically, the… Read More »