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Inside Terakeet

A glimpse into our offices, team and culture.

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More Than a Memory: Marc Murray’s Legacy Lives On

Each year, Terakeet dedicates a very special award and event to remembering and celebrating Marc Murray and the legacy he has left behind for our company.. Marc was a leading member of the “wolfpack,” a group of Terakeet’s earliest employees who are now leaders of the company. Marc passed away in 2011 after an arduous,… Read More »

Insights // September 21, 2016
Carly DiCocco

How Emotional Marketing Can Drive A Compelling Campaign

We’ve all had our hearts broken by Sarah McLachlan at least once in our lives. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably grabbed the TV remote and quickly changed the channel once that heartbreaking song starts playing. I’m an animal lover, and that ASPCA commercial really tugs at my heartstrings, but that’s the point. The… Read More »

Digital Marketing Recap
August 2016
Insights // September 14, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: August 2016

Even though summer is coming to a close, we’re still excited to bring you the latest and greatest stories from the world of digital marketing. As always, this month’s recap delivers the key pieces of news and insight that will help you maintain effective marketing strategies within the ever-changing digital landscape. Digital Marketing News August… Read More »

Insights // September 13, 2016
Nick Marcatelli

When America Goes Abroad: 3 Ways Companies Can Succeed

When Dunkin’ Donuts closed its flagship venue in downtown Rome, Italy, many US companies learned a lesson. Cultural differences are a huge barrier, and if you don’t deal with them, your business is not likely to succeed. The reasons behind such failures aren’t necessarily based on numbers or the amount of money invested. The truth… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // September 7, 2016
Nicholas Johns

Character Traits in Action at the Third Annual Terakeet Field Day

Spirits were high and laughter filled the air as the festivities concluded after the third installment of what has become an annual tradition for Keeters: Terakeet Field Day. Burst water balloons littered the battlefield, and behind the sweaty faces and blistered hands are carefully curated activities with clear parallels to Terakeet’s own day-to-day operations. Much… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // August 24, 2016
Kevin Clay

Employee Spotlight: Jonas Sickler

For the last two years, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most inventive, supportive, and genuine people I’ve ever known. Not only do I look at these people as friends and teammates, but also as builders of the framework that makes Terakeet so exceptional. They’re all part of what makes us… Read More »

Digital Marketing Recap
July 2016
Insights // August 11, 2016
Kevin Clay

Digital Marketing Recap: July 2016

Over the past month, we collected some of our favorite stories and impactful insights within the world of digital marketing. For this edition of our Digital Marketing Recap, we’re offering up key news pieces to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy within the overarching digital landscape. Digital Marketing News Throughout July, the news focused… Read More »

Insights // August 9, 2016
Lindsey Pasieka

Getting Involved: Engaging with Influencers on Their Level

When it comes to brand promotion, the possibilities are endless. You can use traditional routes, create a Social Media team, or place ads on app sidebars and YouTube video introductions. But when it comes to having other people talk about your brand for you, there are a few options that go above and beyond. Some… Read More »