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One of my favorite things about working at Terakeet (besides the puppies) is working with some of the most passionate and driven people I’ve ever met. Not only do these passions drive Terakeet’s employees in the workplace, it also fuels them outside of work to keep up with an industry that constantly changes. What better… Read More »

Digital Marketing Recap
March 2016
Insights // April 14, 2016

Digital Marketing Recap: March 2016

Welcome to the Terakeet Digital Marketing Recap. We’re looking back on some of the best digital marketing articles from March. Each month our recap delivers key news and insights to help you maintain an effective marketing strategy over the constantly evolving digital landscape. Digital Marketing News This month we’re looking at how your whole company… Read More »

Insights // April 12, 2016
Bryan Conte

How to Filter Ghost Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Picture this: You’re a startup and you’re monitoring the growth of your website online. You log in to your Google Analytics (GA) account and see a big traffic spike. Maybe that traffic spike settles out, but remains somewhat consistent over time. Digging in deeper, you see most of this new life is coming from referrals.… Read More »

10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience at Professional Events

Trying to keep pace with the plethora of national, local, and regional events in our respective industries can be a time consuming task! Whether it’s an industry conference, seminar, local luncheon, roundtable discussion, or networking happy hour — these events are full of rich learning opportunities and are tremendous ways to expand your professional networks.… Read More »

Insights // April 5, 2016

Top 5 Strategies for Engaging Your Target Audience Daily

“You can close more business in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Dale Carnegie As Dale Carnegie points out, becoming a part of the community you are trying to reach is an invaluable part of business. Marketers… Read More »

Insights // March 31, 2016
Curtis Weyant

From Tay to RankBrain: Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Search

If there is any redeeming value to be gleaned from the meteoric crash of – Microsoft’s “teenage” chatbot that started spewing racist, sexist, and homophobic messages on Twitter after mere hours of operation – it’s that artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet mature enough to take over the world. We can sigh with relief… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Brenna Bastian

Since joining Terakeet in early 2014 as Lead Recruiter, Brenna Bastian has processed over 5,000 applications, completed over 1,000 interviews, and helped to hire over 130 employees. Hiring this number of employees in such a short period of time is no easy task, especially considering that positions span across 17 departments and various position levels… Read More »

Inside Terakeet // March 17, 2016
Gino Geruntino

From Our Founders: Terakeet’s Tenacious Beginning

Leadership is defined in many ways. For some, it’s showing courage during times of incredible uncertainty. For others, it’s serving as the voice of an industry, blazing a trail for others to follow. But for four of Terakeet’s founding team members, leadership might best be described with the word “trust.” For more than an hour, Mac… Read More »