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Influencer Marketing Posts

InsightsJune 12, 2018
Brent Scott
Tips for Effectively Pitching Influencers (…and Achieving 29 Million Brand Impressions) Read Article
InsightsMay 24, 2018
Andres Echenique
Micro-Influencer Marketing: How to Scale Your Visibility to New Heights Read Article
InsightsOctober 6, 2017
Influencer Marketing Days: Doing More with Less Read Article
InsightsJune 15, 2017
Kevin Clay
Why Control Isn’t Everything: How Influencer Marketing Fosters Trust and Authenticity Read Article
InsightsJune 8, 2017
Meghan Collins
How the Fyre Festival Used Influencer Marketing to Spark a Digital Fyre Read Article
InsightsMay 30, 2017
Carley Parsons
What Netflix’s Recommendation Algorithm Can Teach the Modern Marketing Industry Read Article
InsightsMarch 13, 2017
Here for the Right Reasons: Creating an Authentic Brand in the Manufactured World of The Bachelor Read Article
InsightsNovember 10, 2016
Bryan Conte
5 Actionable Steps for Developing Creative Digital Strategies Read Article
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