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Influencer Marketing

Build your brand and engage the right people with targeted influencer marketing.

We get influencers talking about you with custom outreach campaigns.

We’re adept at finding and reaching niche influencers with dedicated followers. When they talk about your brand, their audiences listen.

  • Influencers Who Matter To Your Customers

    Our unique influencer marketing approach gets your message in front of the right eyes, spreading awareness when and where you need it most. Targeted, custom campaigns get people talking about what you want, how you want.

  • Reach a Receptive Audience

    The influencers we connect with have dedicated followings who trust their judgment. We’re adept at finding online communities who are ready to hear about your brand, and engaging them with campaigns that resonate.

  • Seize Share of Voice

    Every influencer who creates content about you sends ripple effects across their networks as they promote their content on social media, discuss your brand with their followers, and spread positive sentiment about your brand.

  • Real-time Measurement

    We’re serious about results. You can check in any time to see how and what we’re doing using Chorus’s dashboard, which measures everything from how many outreach emails we’ve sent to how many people an influencer is reaching.

How we’ve engaged influencers and their audiences for our customers

Success means different things to different people. We’ve used our highly adaptable approach to influencer marketing to help our customers in a variety of ways.

Industry Fashion - Apparel

We successfully promoted a niche product to an untapped audience of receptive influencers and their followers. Our customer subsequently saw increased ecommerce activity for the product category we were promoting.

Industry Home Electronics

Working with a disruptive electronics startup, we reached influencers and earned targeted placements in highly relevant communities, sparking awareness and engagement around the brand and promoting the launch of its pre-order program, which surpassed its month one presale goals after just two days.

Industry Food

Our customer, a large yogurt producer, wanted to promote their product in a way that would stimulate grocery store purchases. We tapped into the food blogging community with unique, resonant campaigns, sparking engaging conversations about yogurt and reaching a ravenous community in new ways.

Industry Cybersecurity

We connected a technology company with a highly relevant audience they had previously struggled to reach. These connections helped establish their expertise, raised awareness of the need for their product, and ultimately generated leads for our customer.

Industry Fashion - Apparel

We ran a paid influencer promotion resulting in the most successful social media campaign in our customer’s history.

Millions of influencers, ready to hear about your brand.

We know how to find them and get them talking about you.

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