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Search Engine Optimization

Rise above the competition with full-service search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any brand’s digital marketing mix.

With more than a decade of experience ranking enterprise customers at the top of the most competitive keyword spaces on the Internet, we’re up for any challenge you can throw at us.

  • Enterprise Link Building

    Chorus enables us to earn natural backlinks with a quality and scale that nobody else can match. Go ahead and shop around—you won’t find another company that can do what we do.

  • Keyword Research

    We have a track record of success in the biggest, most competitive keyword spaces on the Web. We target keywords other SEO firms won’t even consider because they’re too difficult.

  • On-page and Content Optimization

    We’ve built the best SEO team in the business over our decade of work. Our expert analysts will make sure your site is optimized, structured properly, and has the right content to rank.

  • Real-time Measurement

    We’re serious about results. You can check in any time to see how and what we’re doing using Chorus’s dashboard, which measures everything from how many outreach emails we’ve sent to traffic to key pages of your site.

How we’ve used SEO to help our customers

Success means different things to different people. We’ve used our highly adaptable approach to SEO to help our customers in a variety of ways.

Industry Home Furnishings

We ranked a large online furniture retailer, which sells a wide variety of products, for tens of thousands of relevant keywords across key product verticals.

Industry Home Furnishings

We helped a disruptive online retailer who sells a single big-ticket product rank competitively in Google for high-volume keywords—leading to an increase in non-branded traffic from just a few hundred sessions per month to more than 20,000.

Industry Personal Finance

We helped a financial company rank in the top 10 for lucrative financial keywords via highly targeted, relevant, unpaid backlinks in an industry otherwise dominated by spammers.

Industry Digital Invitations

We built natural, unpaid backlinks pointing to highly lucrative target pages on a digital invitation website at a scale and quality nobody else can match.

Industry Fashion - Apparel

We reduced the organic cost per visit to 25% of paid channels for key sections of a lingerie website.

Industry Accessories

We helped a subscription-based accessory retailer achieve and maintain a target cost per acquisition for non-branded organic search.

When your customers search, make sure they find you.

Earn rankings for valuable keyword categories and bring qualified organic traffic to your website.

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